Chivas and Atlas will increase capacity if they enter the Liga MX league

The Chivas Rayadas del Guadalajara and the Rojinegros del Atlas have one foot in the next phase in the Guardians 2021 and according to the Governor of Jalisco himself, Enrique Alfaro, declared that the stadiums could increase in capacity in the event of a league.

In the event that the Guadalajara teams enter the Liguilla, Jalisco and the Akron Stadium will change their allowed percentage of capacity.

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I am confident that Atlas and Chivas will win this weekend, we will have Liguilla in Jalisco. On Monday we will be reviewing the protocols approved for the issue of stadiums because Atlas and Chivas have fully complied with the protocols of the health table. We are in a position to review these protocols for the Liguilla phase, “said Alfaro.

Although they are in the playoff zone, both teams could be left out of the knockout phase and it is Atlas who is most in danger, despite being in 8th place, because if they are last in the percentage, they will not be able to play the playoffs.

Chivas, meanwhile, must win to ensure their place and if they lose, they could be left out if results are combined.

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