Chivas: Amaury Vergara responds to the fans about the return of Matías Almeyda

Since his departure from Chivas Rayadas del Guadalajara in 2018, the fans of the Sacred Flock He has not tired of asking for the return of Matías Almeyda to the team bench and now they did it again.

While Amaury vergara, President of Chivas, was doing a live broadcast on his Instagram, a fan asked him to bring back the “Pelado” Almeyda, what Amaury He replied that at the moment it was not possible.

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“Bring Matías. Matías is in Earthquakes right now, he can’t “

In addition, while he was waiting for Diego “el Pony” Crescimbeni to connect, since the live would be with him, another fan asked him about Javier “la Chofis” López’s statements about the club, where he assured that they treated him badly.

Given this, Amaury Vergara only limited himself to answering that he did not know the statements of “Chofis”, to later begin with the talk with “the Pony.

“What do I think of what the” Chofis “said. I do not know what he said”

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