Chiquis Rivera sends romantic messages to Lorenzo Méndez on Instagram | Reform

After going through some problems in their marriage, it seems that things between Chiquis Rivera and Lorenzo Méndez are improving since the eldest daughter of the band’s Diva has sent some messages very romantic to the.

Everything seems to indicate that after the great controversy of his supposed separation, The couple managed to settle their differences and now they are together again.

This has been seen since Chiquis filled with flattery Lorenzo in his most recent Instagram post.

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Which shows that their relationship is getting better luckily after having gone through a crisis matrimonial.

The Mexican regional musician shared in his official account of Instagram a selfie in which he appears staring at the camera with a slight smile on his face.

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One day your life will shine before your eyes and make sure it’s worth seeing, « Lorenzo wrote in the post.

So far photography has managed to reach more than 20 thousand and I like it and hundreds of comments, but specifically Chiquis’ was the one that caught everyone’s attention.

Handsome. Period, « Chiquis wrote.

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And it is that the messages between them are increasingly and also notorious, after both shared in De Primera Mano how they have endured together confinement.

The truth is that we are fine, we are taking it as something that God sent us, I believe that after, well, many people knew of a small separation and we are taking it as something positive to get to know each other more, to talk, to be closer together than ever  » .

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It is worth mentioning that a few weeks ago both were infected of cor0navirus but fortunately they are already in better health.

However, although the test has already been negative, it will be practiced other to be safe and to be able to return to work to the program I have talent.