Chiquis Rivera says everything she thinks about Lorenzo Méndez | Instagram

The rumors of a separation between Chiquis Rivera and Lorenzo Méndez have become stronger and stronger; However, the singer has ended all of them by exposing what she thinks of him on social networks.

With a beautiful photograph, the interpreter of Anímate y verás spoke more about her husband, but showed how much she loves him.

It drives me crazy sometimes but it has a heart of gold. It is not envious or vengeful that makes me feel at peace and it is what I need, especially in times like these, Chiquis shared.

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He drives me nuts sometimes, but has a heart of gold. He means well, and wants the best for everyone. He’s not greedy, envious or vengeful, which makes me feel peace in my heart, and is exactly what I need, especially in times like these. He’s a nerd! … he knows a little bit about everything, and he if doesn’t you better believe the next time you ask him he will be well informed! lol (I know all about geography because of him! Haha) He’s funny, he’s a good dancer, not to mention an amazing singer … and well um, he’s the life of the party anywhere he goes! ‍♀️ lol … anyways, what I’m basically saying is, this is my quarantine partner, and I’m so glad and thankful to God he chose him to be with me in this very moment. I can’t wait to be able to dress up again and enjoy a night out with you. @ lorenzomendez7 I love you fucker! #ChiZo #GodBeWithUsAll #UnitedWeStand

A post shared by Janney Marin Mendez (@chiquis) on Mar 21, 2020 at 6:30 p.m. PDT

The singer shared that her husband is her quarantine partner and this is the opportunity to highlight all the good things about her partner.

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He’s funny, he’s a good dancer, not to mention he’s also a great singer and he’s always the center of attention at a party.

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Chiquis said he was happy to be spending these difficult moments with Lorenzo Méndez and that he thanks God for having him by his side.

What I am saying is that he is my partner in this quarantine and I am grateful to God that he chose him to be with me at this time. I’m already waiting for the moment to be able to get ready again and have a couple’s night with him. I love you Lorenzo.