Chiquis Rivera raffles his truck; Ticket to participate costs $ 100 dollars and will deliver it to you personally

Singer Janney Marin, better known as Chiquis Rivera placeholder image, announced through its social networks that is raffling off his luxurious and exotic off-road truck: a 2012 Mercedes-Benz G-Class.

In a video of more than two minutes, Chiquis showed the interior of the vehicle while describing it and offering all the details of the raffle.

My G Wagon of the year 2012 It is 63 thousand miles (101 thousand kilometers). It is clean. The Chiquis logo is on the seats and on the rims I have the ‘Be Flawless’, below it has purple lights that shine at night and I just put a sound system on itHe explained in the clip he shared on his Instagram profile.

He also confessed that, although it is something that he finds difficult to do, he wants someone else to be the owner of the car he drove for several years; not to mention the reason why he decided to raffle it.

“I love this truck, but I want you guys to have a chance to earn it. At the same time, it gives me joy because they will be able to have something that has been with me for so many years, ”said Rivera.

Then, he indicated that Whoever is interested in participating has a maximum of 10 tickets that cost $ 100 dollars and they will be on sale for a whole month.

“I will be selling tickets for a month to $ 100 dollars, each person can buy up to 10 tickets, ”Janney reported.

Furthermore, he surprised everyone by announcing that she herself will deliver the vehicle to the person who is the winner.

“I’m going to take them personally if they live in California, maybe Arizona,” he said.

On the platform, Chiquis has more than 4 million followers and surely enough have signed up to win the car that transported her for almost 10 years.

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