Chiquis Rivera publishes a photo in a swimsuit against ‘body shaming’

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Mexico City / 23.01.2021 22:23:48

Chiquis Rivera is enjoying a vacation on the beaches of Tulum in the company of some friends despite the covid-19 pandemic. Jenni Rivera’s daughter shared moments of her afternoon in front of the sea and even published a video in which she wears a swimsuit Accompanied by a message of self-love.

After her controversial separation from Lorenzo Méndez, the singer decided to take a break on the beach where she enjoyed the sun and the ocean, but what most surprised her Instagram followers was the clip that the famous shared against him body shaming and with the aim of defend your body.

« With scars, stretch marks, cellulite, and all my imperfections … I love myself! I accept myself and I like me very much! Thank God! » Chiquis Rivera in your post.

In the video, the interpreter of « With the same bullet » appears wearing a white bikini, with her long loose hair and without a drop of makeup.

Immediately, Chiquis Rivera’s publication has more than a million and a half reproductions. Also, hundreds of comments that applauded and supported the singer for the way she responded to criticism for her figure.

« You are the most beautiful woman my eyes have seen », « Don’t you get tired of carrying so much beauty? » Were some of the comments made by her followers.

Famous against ‘body shaming’

It is worth mentioning that in addition to Chiquis Rivera, other celebrities and singer have shared messages to defend his body, such as Danna Paola, Billie Eilish and youtuber Lizbeth Rodríguez.

« Mirrors destroy our minds … #LoveYourself, » Danna Paola wrote last summer on her Instagram account along with a photo, which shows the singer posing in her underwear in front of the mirror.