Chiquis Rivera presumes her figure in a bodysuit in full celebrations for the Independence Day of Mexico In addition, she reveals her true nationality and her feelings about the country of the green-and-white flag.

Chiquis, daughter of Jenni Rivera, boasts a figure with a photograph of a Mexican bodysuit, very close-fitting that reveals her most intimate parts, as a way to celebrate Independence Day and clarifies the secret of Mexico, where she says she was not born in this country.

This publication on his Instagram account has caused such a stir, not only because of the daring outfit he uses with the colors of the Mexican flag (green, white and red) but also because of the revelation that the singer’s wife Lorenzo Méndez made about his true nationality.

The statement was so shocking that many fans did not believe what she said, but others congratulated her, but as on other occasions, some did not stop criticizing her for everything.

Image taken from Instagram @chiquis

In her publication, the singer posted the following message: “I was not born in Mexico, but I proudly consider myself 100% Mexican… and today I celebrate my dear Mexico! It is a unique country, unmatched! The people, the food, the music, the beaches, the applause! Everything ».

And he finished to the happiness of his followers on social networks: “I miss you, but today I remember you with a lot of love. Simply thanks! ».

In the first photograph the singer appears from the front and in the background the colors of the Mexican flag, while she holds the microphone and sings a song.

Above comes the phrase Viva México, as a celebration for the independence of that country that is celebrated this September 16.

The message left by Chiquis Rivera, Jenni Rivera’s daughter, shook the most sensitive fibers of some people and they did not hesitate to make a comment about it to Mexico.

On the next page we will leave you all the signs of affection and others not so much, of the people before the disclosure that they made about their nationality.