Chiquis Rivera heats the nets by wagging ‘the tail’ with a very short dress

Chiquis Rivera heats up social networks with a sensual outfit and dance.

Photo: John Parra. / Getty Images

Chiquis Rivera placeholder image set social media on fire again and hundreds of followers will surely agree with this. It turns out that the compliments and flowers showered the winner of the Grammy Award and in addition they even offered him, the most daring, marriage. The daughter of Jenni Rivera She was wearing a colored dress very short, perhaps more than what we are used to seeing, with knee-high boots.

But certainly, what was surprising was not the detail of her outfit but the dance she performed. Very removed from the pain, she began caressing her boot, which she placed on a sofa and wiggled the curves as we have already seen it in previous opportunities but, for the cherry on the cake, it moved and made a ‘twerking’ which made several of the pulse race. He did not use reggaeton for the sexy choreography, but the rapper’s latest song YoungMa, “Bad Bitch Anthem.”

“I wish you well”, was the message with which the singer accompanied her video. Let us remember that this happens in the midst of rumors of a romance with Emilio S├ínchez again and in the middle of a divorce from her ex-husband, Lorenzo Mendez. Also, after the own Chiquis She made several publications in which she sent hints alluding to the fact that “No one is in her shoes and that, just as she does not get into anyone’s life, because no one should have an opinion in hers.”

Chiquis Rivera placeholder image She is always in the eye of the hurricane, be it for her talent, scandals or for her sensuality and obvious beauty. The truth is that the public loves her and they thank her for these ‘eye tacos’ from time to time.