Chiquis Rivera, famous magazine says she is fed up with her husband for being kept | Instagram

So far, the sentimental situation of Chiquis Rivera and Lorenzo Méndez is not very clear, both pointed out that there is a crisis and a distancing, but I don’t know what else has been said.

Regarding the subject, the TVNotas magazine went further and published an article and in which they assure they interviewed someone close to the couple and assures that Chiquis does not keep him down.

According to the source, Jenni Rivera’s daughter is very pretty, very good, a woman and a good wife, but like her mother, when there is something that bothers her, she cannot remain silent.

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This person assures that the quarantine came to harm the marriage of the singers, since Chiquis does not stop, despite everything he was pending all his projects and does not have moments of leisure.

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On the other hand, he assures that Méndez could hard days at home without doing anything and « without lifting the pants », so yes wife got tired of the situation.

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He stressed that Chiquis does not lower it from loose and maintained, that she pays many of the bills, home repairs, furniture, her most recent car and so on.

He shared that he ignores Méndez’s finances, but that he has also stopped being detailed with the singer and the relationship has gradually cooled.

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He emphasizes that Jenni’s eldest daughter claims not to want to see him again; However, it is so unpredictable that tomorrow they could be together again.