Chiquis Rivera and Lorenzo Méndez possible reconciliation thanks to the virus | Instagram

A few days ago Chiquis Rivera confirmed that he had tested positive on the test that was done on the current virus, surprisingly she and Lorenzo Méndez were infected and now they are going through these 14 days together, it will be a possible reconciliation maybe.

It was through a video that he published on his Instagram account where he showed his followers how he was in health, apparently everything is calm, he is taking many vitamins and lots of fluids.

In the video we can see that her still husband Lorenzo Mendez he was in the same bed as her, Chiquis mentions « here is Lorenzo ».

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« He also came out positive and the truth of the matter is, when I saw Lorenzo his throat was already hurting, then he gave me a kiss, he grabbed me with kisses because he missed me, he grabbed me and he kissed me … » he stated Chiquis.

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Fortunately Chiquis he is well, it seems that he is only going through the least of the infections caused by the coronavirus (there are three) like most of the cases that have occurred.

However, it seems that some users do not believe them since they were supposedly separated, because a scandal had been made, it was not known at what time there was said reconciliation.

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However in the Chiquis video from just a few days ago they seem to be as if nothing had happened between them, it was precisely for this reason that they doubted their separation, it is believed that everything was faked.

Now there is a possibility according to some Internet users that the fact that they are together because they have caught the COVID-19 they think it’s a lie, that’s why the singer challenged netizens to see him and Chiquis so that they also get infected by giving them a kiss and a hug.

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So far more statements have been made and it is not known if there has been a response from people who say it is something planned.

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