chip shortage hits Apple

Buying an iPad or MacBook could get tricky in the next few weeks. The shortage of chips that are going through various sectors has also hit Apple. And, according to Nikkei, that has caused the North American company to delay part of the production of the iPad and MacBook that it sells.

Nikkei does not detail which exact models would be affected by this situation. Nor does it indicate whether they are currently available products or those iPad and MacBook that the brand will announce throughout the year, so it is possible that you can buy some iPad or MacBook without problems.

What Nikkei does clarify is that the production of the iPhone, for the moment, has not been affected. Some sources consulted by the aforementioned medium, yes, point out that the supply of components for the Apple phone is quite “tight.”

If you want to buy an iPad or a MacBook, you may have to wait

MacBook, Apple, chips shortage

Given the aforementioned shortage of chips, it is possible that, in a few weeks, those who want to buy an iPad or MacBook will face a shortage of units or longer than usual waits in the delivery of your equipment. This situation will also be influenced by the accumulated stock of those stores dedicated to selling Apple products (such as Amazon, El Corte Inglés, FNAC, etc.). However, since this is usually quite optimized, it is possible that it will also be affected in a few weeks.

According to the Nikkei article, what would be causing the delay in the production of the MacBook are some chips that are mounted on the motherboard before final assembly. In the case of the iPad, the reason for the delay would be related to the lack of supply of screens and chips related to it.

If you plan to buy an iPad, another factor to consider is the imminent renewal of both the iPad Pro and the iPad mini. The most recent rumors indicate that Apple could announce these new models throughout the month of April. In the case of the Pro model, it would debut a new A14X processor and a new screen with miniLED technology, among other things.