Young man of Asian origin used to lock himself in his room to play on his computer, he only slept 2 hours a day and said he took classes online on COVID-19

By: Web Writing

CHINA.- A Teen of Chinese origin suffered a stroke after playing video game for 22 hours a day in a period of one month.

According to doctors, the young man identified as Xiaobin passed out at his home in the province of GuangxiLater, he had to be rushed to a hospital where they reported that he had presented a brain shutdown.

In the words of his mother, Xiaobin started playing video game on his computer because the schools had closed while he began quarantining for the coronavisu pandemic.

« He closed windows and doors. We didn’t know what he was doing in his room, he just told us that he was taking classes online, I think he slept only two hours to continue playing the rest of the time, » said the mother.

The doctors indicated that the lack of sleep and the excessive time that the young man spent in front of the computer triggered the stroke.