The Chinese Embassy released a note on Friday night, 22, in which it praised the history of a good biletaral relationship with Brazil. The text was published hours after the Federal Supreme Court (STF) released the video of the ministerial meeting on April 22, 2020, between President Jair Bolsonaro and his team.

By decision of the Court, the mentions of countries at the meeting were kept confidential, but Estadão showed that the president said that the Chinese secret service would have agents infiltrated in Brazilian ministries. Another mention of China was made in the speech of Economy Minister Paulo Guedes. He argued that the Asian country should fund a “Marshall Plan” to help everyone who has been hit by the coronavirus pandemic.

The embassy makes no mention of the meeting disclosed by the STF in its note. “China has remained Brazil’s largest trading partner for eleven consecutive years and is one of the main sources of foreign investment in the country,” said the embassy. “The bilateral relationship in the economic and commercial area has always been guided by the principles of mutual respect, equality, mutual benefit and win-win cooperation and has effectively contributed to the joint growth of both parties, bringing real benefits to both peoples.”

The embassy spoke of China’s performance in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. “With openness and transparency and a high sense of responsibility, China notified the information in a timely manner to WHO and other countries like Brazil, unreservedly shared experiences of prevention, control, diagnosis and treatment and engaged in international cooperation to combat to the pandemic. Attitudes like these have received high esteem from the UN, WHO and the international community in general. “

Bolsonaro’s statement about China at the meeting came as he spoke of his ministries. “It is a reality. There is no use hiding anymore, covering the sun with a sieve, right? Yes, it is not … in some ministries there are people of them planting in here, right? So we don’t want to fight with the Chinese (cut by the STF ), zero fight with China (cut by the STF). Do we need them to sell? Yes. They also need us. “

The president does not make clear what leads him to believe that the Chinese secret service has infiltrated agents in the Brazilian government and does not say who the spies in the service of that nation would be. “We must ally ourselves with those who have some affinities with us. So that we can enforce our will.”

Guedes, on the other hand, showed discomfort with the fact that members of the government call the Pro-Brazil program “Marshall Plan”. In Guedes’ view, to call it that is “a disaster” and reveals “the lack of understanding of things”, and then quotes China, in yet another moment I keep it confidential by the STF. “Marshall Plan, for example, the United States can make a Marshall Plan to help us. China, (cut by the STF), should finance a Marshall Plan to help everyone who has been hit. So the first inadequacy, we have to taking great care is the following, it is the Pro-Brasil plan “.

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