United States President Donald Trump continued his attacks on China’s management of the coronavirus crisis, claiming that the “incompetence” of the Asian country was what caused a “worldwide slaughter”.

The president is increasingly outraged by the effects of the coronavirus on the US economy and criticizes China daily, where the virus was first detected at the end of last year.

Trump referred in a tweet to the report of “a madman” in China in which other actors are allegedly blamed for the advancement of the virus, and demanded that this “fool” who was the “incompetence of China and not” be explained. another thing that caused this worldwide slaughter. ”

At the start of the crisis, Trump dismissed the risks and said on several occasions that China was taking charge of the epidemic, but as the virus advanced, he changed his speech and began to criticize Beijing daily.

In an election year in which the rise in unemployment threatens his chances in the November elections, Trump has repeated for weeks that the hard balance of the virus, which has left more than 320,000 dead in the world, could have been avoided if China had acted in a responsible since it was detected in Wuhan City.

The United States is the country with the most deaths in the pandemic, with some 91,938 deaths.

In his speeches, Trump has also threatened the World Health Organization (WHO) with cutting his contributions, accusing the institution of helping China to hide the scope of the epidemic.