China wants higher-value agro-industrial products from Brazil, in addition to grains, says ambassador

By Roberto Samora

SÃO PAULO (Reuters) – The Chinese government is aware of Brazil’s concerns about increasing the added value of its exports to China and the Asian country “is willing” to work towards this goal, China’s ambassador to Brazil said Thursday Yang Wanming.

“This is not only a Brazilian task, but one of the priorities of our cooperation, to take the alliance to another level,” said the ambassador during an online event promoted by Exame magazine.

Brazil, which has the largest market for exports of agricultural products in China, mainly soybeans, sugar and meat, could increase shipments of processed and higher value-added items, including more animal proteins, fruits and coffee, added the official.

He also said that the Asian country is expanding its imports of raw materials for animal feed, such as corn. Brazilian agricultural exports rose nearly 10% to $ 34 billion, Wanming said.

Brazil, the world’s largest producer and exporter of soybeans, wants to export, in addition to grain, soybean bran, but the ambassador of the world’s largest oilseed importer did not explicitly mention this processed product.

He only said that Chinese companies “are optimistic about the future of investment in the agricultural area of ​​Brazil”, to take advantage of the competitiveness of the Brazilian agro-industry.

“The cost of labor is increasing day by day, and entrepreneurs have more and more desire to import value-added or processed products, not just raw materials, and they also have an even greater interest in making investments in the foreign market “, Held.

(Report by Roberto Samora. Edited in Spanish by Rodrigo Charme)