In the video, which has caused a scandal in China, the woman is seen indulging in several beds and sofas inside a well-known store in the Asian country.

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Furniture chain IKEA strongly condemned and opposed the recording of pornographic material at his store and has filed a complaint with local police, the company said in response to a viral video broadcast where a woman appears masturbating in one of its establishments.

In the video, a woman means, medium naked I know masturbated on various sofas and beds in one of the company’s stores without customers noticing.

IKEA China He told the Global Times that the case is under investigation and declined to disclose the location of the mall.

However, netizens suspect that it would be a store in Guangzhou, Guangdong, South of China, since Cantonese is heard in the loudspeaker announcements, a language spoken in some parts of southern China.

In addition to pointing out that no one wears face masks in the video, implying that it was filmed before the coronavirus pandemic, which paralyzed activity in China since the end of January, but it went viral in the last days.

For its part, the company is committed to providing a healthy shopping experience and an environment for consumers with stricter safety and sanitation measures, and asked consumers to buy in a polite and orderly manner, according to the statement published in its official account. from Weibo.

Chinese netizens supported the decision of IKEA about Sina Weibo, saying that IKEA It should be a cozy furniture mall, but it could suffer a notorious reputation and financial loss from the incident.

The identity of the protagonist and the person filming were not revealed.

It was not the first time that visitors filmed pornographic content at a branch of IKEA. In 2016, a similar case occurred in a shopping center IKEA in Beijing.

In 2015, images of two people having sex in the fitting room of a UNIQLO store in Beijing went viral on Chinese social media.

As a result, the man who uploaded the video on social media was accused on suspicion of spreading obscene articles and was arrested. Three other people were arrested for spreading obscene materials.

In accordance with the provisions of China On the ecological governance of online information content that went into effect on March 1, an online information content producer should not make, copy, or publish any illegal information that contains obscenity and pornography.

Hu Wei, a lawyer for the Beijing-based Globe-Law law firm, told the Global Times that the woman In the video, she could be sentenced for the crime of disturbing public order or complicity that can lead to a three-year prison sentence.

The person who took the video can be considered an accessory and whoever uploaded the video online has committed the crime of spreading obscene material, Hu said.

According to the public security administration law of ChinaAnyone who intentionally shows a naked body can be detained for between five and 10 days if the case is serious.

Zhu Wei, professor and researcher in communications at the University of Political Science and Law of China, told the Global Times that the social media platform should also take responsibility, as it was unable to block such content and stop the broadcast of the video.

Source: Global Times