China publishes new images of its Zhurong rover on the surface of Mars

Video of the Zhurong rover on the surface of MarsReuters / NIUS

The video shows the rover wandering on the surface of the red planet and some sequences of the landing maneuver

The Tianwen-1 mission was the first incursion of the Asian country on the red planet

China sells its success in space amid celebrations marking the centennial of the Chinese Communist Party

The National Space Agency of China has published this Sunday new videos of your rover Zhurong on the surface of Mars. In the images, broadcast in color, the robot can be seen rolling around the landing zone. Some scenes of the landing maneuver that marked China’s first foray into the red planet have also been released.

The Zhurong rover form part of the Tianwen-1 mission which arrived in Martian orbit last February and is made up of an orbiter, a lander and the small rover. The achievement of the space technology of the Asian giant, to which is added the commissioning of its orbital station Tiangong (Celestial Palace), is being widely publicized amid the celebrations of the centenary of the Chinese Communist Party.

The Zhurong rover

The Zhurong weighs around 240 kilograms, has six wheels and four solar panels, and can move over the surface of Mars at 200 meters per hour. It carries scientific instruments that will be used to gather information on the composition of the planet’s surface and its geological structure and climate.

The Chinese mission is one of three flights to Mars that launched from Earth last summer. The other launches were from the United Arab Emirates and the United States, which managed to land the Perseverance rover in February.

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