China premiere of ‘Monster Hunter’ canceled due to racist joke

According to some journalists through Twitter, the commercial launch of ‘Monster hunter‘in China it has been suspended at the last minute by order of the relevant authorities. The reason, apparently, will be a joke in bad taste considered particularly offensive to the Chinese included in the film.

Specifically, as Daniel Ahmad, an analyst at Niko Partners, has shared through his Twitter account, the aforementioned joke will refer to « Chinese, Japanese, dirty knees – look at these? », A derogatory phrase that has been used since decades ago in America to poke fun at the physique of Asians, especially women.

The reactions of those who attended the first screenings were swift, flooding social networks and Chinese movie pages with all kinds of angry comments and negative critics, to the point of completely sinking the reputation and appreciation of the film than before. All of this, on pages like Douban, had average marks above a 6.

As a result of the controversy and controversy aroused in just a few hours, according to journalist Gavin Feng, movie theaters received a notification from the authorities ordering that they immediately cancel all the film’s screenings.

In said statement it was commented that the film could continue showing once they received a new copy of it that no longer included the controversial joke, although according to the aforementioned journalist the movie theaters have subsequently received a new notification ensuring that it had been permanently suspended. its premiere.