China Opens Up To Testing Blood Samples From Wuhan Prior To First Outbreak

Chinese health personnel vaccinating a group of people in Wuhan (Photo: . via .)

New twist in the investigations of the start of the pandemic and the first outbreak in Wuhan. China is preparing experts and institutions to analyze blood samples from Wuhan residents prior to the December 2019 covid outbreak, Chinese traceability expert Liang Wannian announced to the Hong Kong newspaper South China Morning Post. This is news that has come just one day after Beijing announced its rejection of the World Health Organization (WHO) to investigate the origin of the coronavirus again.

Liang explained this Thursday that the Wuhan Blood Center has samples that are preserved for two years for cases of medical disputes or legal conflicts arising from a transfusion. However, these samples have remained inaccessible for other studies for a period that will extend until reaching two years. Liang has stated that after this period, “some work will be done” related to the samples.

The Chinese authorities are experimenting with detection tests and blood analysis methods with a view to investigating the samples that become available, as they complete the two years of mandatory storage.

Information will be shared

Liang Wannian pointed out that “once there are results” of the tests on the blood samples, China “will immediately notify the results to both Chinese and foreign expert groups.” The expert recalled that the first documented case of covid in China “was notified on December 8”, 2019, but that “it was probably not case zero”.

The place where the first case was reported is not necessarily the place where the virus passes from animal to human Liang Wannian, Chinese traceability expert

“The place where the first case was reported is not necessarily the place where the virus passes from the animal to the human,” said the expert, who, shortly after, presented a series of cases that “show the appearance of the coronavirus in many places in the world. world ”earlier or closer to the date of the first documented case in Wuhan.

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Slam the door to a second investigation

At the same press conference, the deputy director of the National Health Commission, Zeng Yixin, described the WHO’s proposal to begin a second phase of studies to investigate the origin of the coronavirus in China as “arrogant” and “meaningless. common”.

According to Zeng, the investigations should focus on “tracing efforts in multiple countries and regions” and not be repeated in places already inspected during the first phase of the investigation, which culminated in a visit by international experts to Wuhan earlier this year. . Both the US and the European Union have urged reopening the investigation

On July 15, the director general of the WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, asked China to be “transparent and open” and to cooperate “especially by providing the raw data on the first days of the pandemic”, which China assures they have already been studied by their own experts.

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