China offered US $ 1.5 billion to build a Luján-La Pampa highway

The giant China Construction America (CCA) conveyed to the Argentine government his intention to disburse new US $ 1,150 million (which added to the local share capital and previous investments exceed US $ 1.5 billion) to execute the road infrastructure work of the so-called Corridor B to convert national route 5 into a highway between the city of Luján and the province of La Pampa.

In the framework of public-private participation infrastructure works tenders, the work had been awarded in 2018 to the temporary union of companies (UTE) CCA-Green.

But this same monday CCA bought Green his part of the contract and today « the contract is one hundred percent of the Chinese state, the sole owner of CCA ».

Road corridor B goes from Calle Pascual Simone, in Luján, to the Junction of National Route 35 in Santa Rosa, La Pampa, to which another 8 kilometers are added between milestone 65 and 73 in Luján to complete a total of 546.65 kilometers.

The letter with the offer was sent this Monday to the Argentine Executive Power – to the Presidency, to the Cabinet Headquarters and to the Ministry of Public Works – The communication was sent through the Chinese Embassy in Buenos Aires and Foreign Minister Felipe Solá.

In the letter, the company’s representative, David Wang, stated that « the realization of Road Corridor B is of utmost importance for the People’s Republic of China« and recalled that in 2018, President Xi Jinping went in person to the event in which the contract was signed, the China’s Belt and Road Summit.