China criticizes the “irrational repression” of the United States to its companies

The Government of China reacted to a new sanction from the United States, this time to 31 companies accused of working for the Army of the Asian giant.

The United States sanctioned 31 Chinese companies for alleged collaboration with the Army of that country. The authorities of the Asian nation criticized the « irrational repression » of the Donald Trump Administration.

The measure punishes any company or US citizen that deals with the aforementioned companies, several of them telecommunications.

A spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of Commerce urged the United States to « stop the irrational repression. »

China asks for peace

« Cataloging these companies as controlled by the military means ignoring the facts, » he said, according to a statement quoted by .. « It has no legal basis or principle, something that China strongly opposes. »

« (The United States must) provide a fair and nondiscriminatory business environment. »

Companies such as China Telecom and China Mobile will not be able to enter the North American business portfolio as of January 11, 2021, according to the sanction.

« Chinese companies operate in other countries in accordance with their relevant laws and regulations, » the spokesperson said. « The actions of a few will not be able to suppress market forces. »

TikTok remains on hold

A week ago TikTok had announced that he would go to the US courts to request the annulment of Donald Trump’s sanctions against him.

According to the Chinese app, the US authorities keep it in limbo, since with Trump’s electoral defeat they stopped monitoring him.

« We have not received any substantive feedback on our project in terms of security and data protection, » the company stated. Trump accuses them of using the data of American users and giving it to the Government of the Asian nation.