By regularly posting photos of her on her Instagram account, Chimène Badi surely did not expect such an outcry. Indeed, in recent days, comments have been rife on the 37-year-old singer’s weight loss. Several Internet users have even wondered if it was their favorite artist who posed radiant at the edge of a swimming pool, in the middle of vines, or even taking the pose lying on a sedan. “Is that you Chimene? I don’t recognize you … But if you are better in your skin … But be vigilant “, for example wrote a Net surfer. A paternalistic tone that the former candidate of Popstars did not seem it really appreciated. Indeed, she would have probably preferred that the remarks of his followers focus on his tanned complexion, or on his feminist struggle via the hashtag #womensupportingwomen, rather than on his new silhouette.

“Let them say !!!”

Thus, tired of remarks on her curves, Julien’s companion has decided to answer once and for all to her detractors. “Let them say !!!”, she wrote in the caption of a photo posted on July 30, 2020 on her Instagram page. Sometimes a short sentence is better than a long speech. All the more so when it is symbolic. Because “Laisse-les dire” is the title of the 4th album of the young woman, released in 2010. This is how the interpreter of “I come from the South” decided to nail the beak to the rumors of cosmetic surgery or other fantasies running on his weight loss. And her fans did not hesitate to support her in her approach. “You are very beautiful, you are right with the jealous there will always be some you are beautiful“,”You are totally right !!! You look beautiful. enjoy and have fun !!! Kisses“, can we read under her photo. This should please the singer, who seems very fulfilled!

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