The President of Chile, Sebastián Piñera, assured in March that the country was “better prepared than Italy” for the pandemic

The health authorities of Chile reported this Sunday that the southern country registered 5 thousand 607 new infections of COVID-19, which supposes a total of 242 thousand 355 sick, a figure that exceeds Italy (238,499 cases) in terms of people infected with the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2.

The undersecretary of Assistance Networks of Chile, Arturo Zúñiga, reported on the balance of the last 24 hours since La Moneda Palace, headquarters of the Executive, in which he highlighted that of the total confirmed infectionsCurrently, there are 37 thousand 307 active cases in the southern country.

It also indicated that 184 new deaths were registered, adding a balance of 4 thousand 479 with COVID-19 confirmed by examination PCR as a cause of death, to which are added the 3,069 deaths suspected of the disease caused by SARS-CoV-2, reaching 7,548 people killed in Chile as a result of the pandemic.

“Chile is better prepared than Italy”

Since the first case of the coronavirus was registered in Chile on March 3, the authorities have remarked on various occasions that the country has been preparing since January to face the arrival of the pandemic.

Two weeks after the first case the President Sebastián Piñera He stressed in an interview with the local CNN Chile that the country, which at that time (March 18) had only 238 positive cases and no deaths, was “better prepared than Italy”, which on the same date had 35,713 infections and 2 One thousand 978 deaths.

A little more than three months later, the epidemiological situation continues to worsen daily, while in Italy infections were stabilized, despite the fact that the transalpine country has more than three times the southern population.

With the new figures, Chile is the eighth country in the world with the highest number of infections, approaching the statistics for Spain; and the third in South America, after Brazil and Peru.

New quarantines

The Chilean Health Minister, Enrique Paris, indicated at the daily press conference that a home quarantine will be established from the night of Tuesday, June 23, in the northern cities of Antofagasta, Tocopilla and Mejillones.

The Chilean government ruled out quarantine at the national level from the beginning and chose a “selective” strategy, declaring confinement or not depending on the evolution of the outbreaks in the country.

These new towns, located more than a thousand kilometers north of Santiago de Chile, join the Metropolitan region, where the capital is located; several cities in the Valparaíso region, including the city of the same name and Viña del Mar; and in the north Iquique, Alto Hospicio, Pozo Almonte and Calama.

Also the central Rancagua, Machalí, Curicó, San Felipe and Los Andes, all relatively close to the Metropolitan region, which is the fourth geographical area in the world with the highest number of infections after NY (United States), Moscow and Sao Paulo (Brazil), according to data from the American Johns Hopkins University.

The southern country is currently under a state of emergency due to catastrophe and night curfew, with borders closed, as well as schools and businesses that are not essential items.

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