Child Safe Kit, the app that could save your child’s life

April 6, 2021 April 7, 2021


This Tuesday, in an interview for the program Say it Here with the community, Juliana Montoya and Francelys Mantilla, presented the Child Safe Kit program, an application that helps parents collect complete information about their children so that in case of kidnapping, share it quickly with the authorities.

Montoya and Mantilla detailed that with this application profiles can be created for each child, including up to 4 photos, vital statistics and unique identifiers, pertinent medical information and fingerprints.

With this application in case of an emergency, you can quickly request the “amber” alert, he recalled that this is an application that is approved by the police department at the national level and by the federation of schools and professionals at the national level.

They recalled that in order to keep the children’s information safely, an official is used to guide the representatives and provide them with the induction to the application.

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