Chicharito’s wife undresses completely and avoids the caesura only with a potingue

It is very fashionable among influencers, and among them the WAGs, to upload photographs of the theme that their followers ask for through their ‘stories’. One of those that has revolutionized the networks with these photos has been Sarah Kohan, woman of Chicharito. Specifically, the Australian model has set the networks on fire by taking everything off in a full nude that is not censored only because it covers its parts with a kind of potingue to take care of the skin.

“When someone asks you for a photo to identify you,” wrote Sarah Kohan Above the image, in which he appears in front of his bathroom mirror with a mask on his face and a potingue on his parts, in addition to crossing them out in white. This photo comes at a time when rumors of breakup are growing around her marriage to Chicharito Hernández, now a Los Angeles Galaxy player.Sarah Kohan's nude

All this means nothing without love. The hardest decision to make is to walk away from someone you have tried so hard to work with. You can only do certain things to be compatible, but you cannot change someone to improve the relationship … Let him miss you and let him go », He also said a few days ago on his social networks, leaving his relationship with the Mexican forward even more in the air.

Weeks earlier, the Australian denied that Chicharito was not the father of one of her two children, as had been commented: “I would not have to explain anything, but things in the media have gotten out of hand. I’m tired of the messages that point out that Diego is Noah’s father, just because of the color of his eyes. His father is Javier! I was already pregnant with Noah when I met Diego. Noah’s eyes are the same color as my mother. End of story. Stop bothering my family. A Sarah Kohan who for her part continues to revolutionize Instagram with her poses and nudes and delighting her 1.5 million ‘followers’.