Chemistry takes over the reunion between Chelo García-Cortés and José Manuel Parada

José Manuel Parada was one of the guests at ‘Domingo deluxe’ on February 21, where he was reunited with his ex-wife Chelo García-Cortés. The journalist and the former host of ‘Cine de barrio’ were married between 1974 and 1984, ten years of marriage full of great anecdotes that they shared in front of Telecinco viewers. Parada was not only to be interviewed, but submitted to Conchita’s polygraph questions to talk about the different celebrities with whom he has rubbed shoulders over the years.

Chelo García-Cortés, Jorge Javier Vázquez and José Manuel Parada in ‘Domingo deluxe’

Jorge Javier Vázquez wanted to know at what point the relationship between Cortés and Parada was, so the guest admitted that there are « days that I love her very much and there are days that I would kill her directly because she tells things that I say: ‘Shut up’ »: « You tell things of your life and of mine and of my privacy « , the presenter blamed the collaborator of ‘Save me’. « I am very reserved in my private life, the only thing that is known is the story of Chelo« assured the guest.

The journalist tried to justify her confessions because « there are people who do not believe » her relationship: « You and I know what we’ve been through, how modern we have been and how much we have loved each other. How we have experienced together things that they have done secretly« assured the guest while his ex-partner affirmed corroborating the information. » Yesterday I told Conchita that Chelo and I have never been deceived. What we have done, we have done knowing it. We have had a great time and we can still huh? « , Launched the communicator.

« In Ibiza we both bathed naked »

Apart from talking about the relationship he had with Chelo García-Cortés, José Manuel Parada denied that his ex-partner was attracted to Isabel Pantoja: « I know her tastes well and at that time she was very much in love. All she wanted was for Isabel and I to get along« stated the guest.

Another question that Conchita asked him was whether in recent years he had been attracted to Cortés: « Seeing photos of our youth, yes, » confirmed the communicator. « I have some photos of when We would go to Ibiza, Chelo and I, and we both bathed naked. We have been together because we wanted to and we were free. She was a very good girl and she was very cute, « recalled Parada.