Chelsea will invite fans to board meetings

05/04/2021 at 7:24 PM CEST

The Chelsea announced this Tuesday that, starting on July 1, there will be three fans at the team’s board of directors meetings.

These three people will be chosen through a selection process and elections; and take part in board meetings to make sure fans’ thoughts are taken into account.

This decision comes after the English club announced its entry and exit of the European Super League and after the protests at Old Trafford, by Manchester United fans, which led to the suspension of the match against Liverpool this weekend.

These fans will not have the right to vote or participate in meetings that have to do with players, coaching staff or the quarry. In addition, they will have to sign a confidentiality agreement and will attend around four meetings a year, for which they will receive 2,500 pounds annually, which will go to a charity.