Chelsea plan to play back Lukaku

05/04/2021 at 8:06 PM CEST

Alberto Teruel

This season has shown Chelsea’s needs in front of the door. Thomas Tuchel is not satisfied with the performance of Timo Werner, who barely registers 6 Premier goals, so the blue team seems determined to look for an alternative during the next transfer window.

Over the past few days, the rumor of an old acquaintance returning to Stamford Bridge has gained momentum. According to The Sun, Chelsea is preparing an offer of more than 100 million euros for Romeru Lukaku. The Belgian striker has exploited his goalscoring qualities under the orders of Antonio Conte, so in London they are willing to make a financial effort to hire his services.

Lukaku did not enjoy a fruitful time in London. Arrived from Anderlecht as one of the greatest promises in European football, the Belgian striker did not catch on at Chelsea, so he chained transfers at West Brom and Everton to finally be transferred permanently to the Liverpool team.

Antonio Conte does not seem willing to part with his star, but Inter’s economic needs could lead to its sale. To facilitate the operation and, incidentally, free up space up front, Chelsea would be willing to transfer both Tammy Abraham and Olivier Giroud.

Fundamental pillar at Inter del Scudetto

Romeru Lukaku registers 27 goals and 9 assists over 41 games this season, numbers that have helped Inter secure the lightweight title. However, the Belgian forward has not limited himself to scoring goals. His ease of association with Lautaro Martínez and his impact on the field of play have made him a fundamental pillar in Conte’s schemes.