Chelsea FC or Real Madrid? Mourinho is torn between two of his former teams

This week the two finalists of the UEFA champions league Y Jose Mourinho his heart is divided because two of his former teams are vying for a ticket. Chelsea fc will receive on Wednesday Real Madrid at Stamford Bridge and will have a minimal advantage for scoring away.

But, which of the two will Mourinho be with? His answer was not simple, but The Special One came out with class to the question raised in the interview with The Times.

“I have great respect for the clubs where I have worked before. If one of my previous clubs plays, I will usually go with them because I have connections with people and with the fans. If Real Madrid were playing against a team that means nothing, who would want them to win? The real Madrid. But what if you play Chelsea, like in the semi-finals this year? I would go with my friends ”, declared the Portuguese.

And he ended his argument with a little more clarity: “Are the same people there as when I was there? The same president? The same owner? If one day I had to go to Italy to coach an Inter rival, I wouldn’t think twice. I have that professional way of looking at things and I feel good ”.

He will be an analyst in the Eurocup

He tried it and he liked it, José Mourinho is entertained by being a soccer analyst for television channels and now that he is out of work on the benches an irresistible offer came up. While that happens, you enjoy your day to day.

“I am leading a normal life. I feel cool and calm. I’m going to wait to get back to football, maybe next season is premature. I have to wait not only for the ideal club but also for the ideal culture ”, he clarified.

Regarding his way of analyzing football, he explained that he has two perspectives and that makes him different from the others.

“I enjoy being a media analyst because I feel like I can make a difference. I don’t want audiences, it’s not my job, others need to go in some direction or be extreme and aggressive to make a name for themselves, ”said the Portuguese winner of the Champions League. I go with two perspectives. The first, by myself, since I am not working, I am on vacation and I meet people. The second part is to do a service to football, I say what I see without having an agenda ”.

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