Checo Pérez’s new helmet

This Tuesday, February 23, 2021 has been a very important day for Mexican motorsports, as Checo Pérez and Red Bull have begun to unveil details for their first season together in Formula 1 and the new helmet of the Guadalajara driver was one of the elements that have received the most attention, since, as is customary, the Mexican paid tribute to our country.

“Since I signed with Red Bull Racing I expected to have my helmet with me … I spent a lot of time with the designer and with my brother (Toño Pérez) who helped me with the design,” said Checo in a video posted on his Twitter account ( @SChecoPerez).

After a few years when he had to change from yellow to pink in Force India and Racing Point, to adapt to the color of the car, Pérez replaced yellow as the main tone of the helmet.

The Mexican made great emphasis on the national flag that is placed in the upper part, as it will be present in all the television shots that are made from the camera placed in the upper part of the car, accompanied by details inspired by the Aztec culture in a blue background.

“When I am handling the flag, you will see it from the shot above and it is something that fills me with great pride”; added.

Finally, on the back is placed the inscription Never Give Up, “it is a phrase that whenever I put on my helmet I will see it and it reminds me that we must never give up”.

Checo celebrates in 2021 ten years of having reached the top flight, debuting with Sauber in March 2011. In those 11 seasons he has 1 victory, 9 podiums, 4 fastest laps and last year he signed his best season with 125 points and the fourth place of the Drivers’ Championship.