Checo Pérez’s first test with Red Bull

Formula 1 is a very complex sport, in which the driver must not only take the car at maximum speed on a race track, he also has other vital tasks for each moment of the race and also must know in depth the secrets of your car, so that you can squeeze the most potential out of it.

In addition, each team that races in Formula 1 is responsible for the manufacture of the entire car or, in some cases, its vast majority, which makes moving from one team to another become a mission of maximum effort, because everything changes, the arrangement of the buttons, the programming, the driving position, the response of the pedals, the tuning of the transmission and hundreds of other elements to which the pilot must get used to quickly, because there is not much time to do test.

That is why in recent days the Red Bull team organized two training sessions for Checo Pérez with the RB15, the car with which they competed in the 2019 season and that Max Verstappen led to three victories and six more podiums, on the track from Silverstone.

“It was incredible. Seeing my name on the car was something very special, definitely a dream come true.

“We have done a lot of work on the simulator with the car controls and I am very satisfied with the progress I have made in terms of getting into the car. Everything about this car is different. It’s still a Formula 1, but the seat position is different, the steering wheel, the brakes, the knob and button processes, the engine, how it delivers power and torque, so many things change.

“But I have realized that there is a lot of potential in this team,” said Checo after these tests.

This training helped the team and the pilot to polish key elements for the pre-season tests that will take place from March 12 to 14 at the Bahrain Circuit, prior to the start of the 2021 season on that same track on the 28th. of March.