Checo ‘Pérez, a brand that flies at F1 speed

06/11/2021 at 10:20 AM CEST


The triumph of the Mexican Sergio ‘Checo’ Pérez last week in the Azerbaijan Formula 1 Grand Prix It came to the pilot at a time when his commercial brand flies at single-seater speed and is considered by specialists as the strongest in Mexico and one of the most influential in Latin America.

Perez, from the Red Bull team, got the best performance from a crazy race, in which he started in sixth place and took advantage of the conditions to beat the German Sebastian Vettel (Aston Martin) and the French Pierre Gasly (Alpha Tauri).

The blow put the rider in third place in the driver’s standings led by the Dutchman Max Verstappen, his teammate, with whom he ranks first in the constructors’ ranking.

It was Azerbaijan’s second triumph for the Mexican after winning in Sakhir, Bahrain last November, which allowed him to become the first with triumphs in different teams since 2014, when the era of hybrid turbo engines began in Formula One.

“Checo is one of the best brands in the last decade in Mexico, it is a brand that competes in a very prestigious championship. On personal matters it has taken good care of its name, its public image and its relationship with the media and sponsors,” he explains Javier Salinas master’s degree in business administration.

The story of the Mexican is that of a man who accepted to ‘chop stone’ for 10 years in Formula 1, it is an example of perseverance of those who bet to be hired by a top team and achieved it at the end of last year when Red Bull confirmed that he would have a place on the team alongside Verstappen.

The pilot debuted in Formula 1 in 2011 with Sauber, emigrated in 2013 to McLaren and then passed through Force India and Racing Point, before being deserving of a seat in the protagonist Red Bull.Salinas explains that one thing is the athlete as a brand and another, their results, but they are two things that can be complemented, as happened with Perez, born in Guadalajara, who in the hard years when he barely appeared, maintained a care for his brand, which now shines in coincidence with his triumphs.

“Today Checo is the best Mexican brand and one of the best in Latin America. World Boxing Champion Saúl ‘Canelo ‘Alvarez it would be the second. It is behind the Sergio because Formula One has more exposure and is better known globally than boxing, “said the specialist.

With your triumphs, Perez It has caused millions of Mexicans to stay up to watch the circuit competitions at dawn, something of great value because at levels of preference in the country, motor racing is far from soccer, Major League baseball, American football and NBA basketball. .

Sergio Pérez is supported by sponsors, including the telecommunications giant América Móvil, owned by the Mexican magnate Carlos Slim, and companies of great prestige in Mexico such as Telmex and Telcel, a leader in telephone communications, the Xades eyewear brand, the Interprotección insurance group and the financier Unifin, among others.

“You can have more sponsors, but that can be negative because it is detrimental. In the Formula 1 environment you have to take care of the number and quality of sponsors. If Sergio proposes it, he could have more, but he is at a time when the one who has to take good care of the brand “, he concludes Salinas.


The academic and consultant Ramon Carazo explains that the brand of Sergio Pérez has a commercial reach beyond his country and it reigns in millions of Mexicans in the United States.

“Sergio has a duality, the Mexican market is dual. He is one of the most emblematic Mexican brands because for his compatriots in the United States he represents a champion in a difficult sport, which is giving Mexico a place. In addition, Formula 1 is a high-risk sport and that gives it more recognition, “he says.

Checo has 11 podiums in Formula 1, first two, three seconds and six third; his first victory, at Sakhir, represented the triumph of a Mexican for the first time in 50 years, giving him a heroic aura, strengthened last week in Azerbaijan.

“Although motorsport in Mexico is not as popular as in Argentina or Brazil, any Mexican triumph abroad is celebrated. What he is achieving allows him to have a brand that transcends, he could be compared to the golf champion Lorena ochoa at the time, “he added.

Between December and May of this year, Perez It had almost 300,000 new followers on twitter and is one of the favorites on other social networks. It is estimated that his sponsors have invested almost 100 million dollars in his more than 10 years in the circuit, but they are taking it out for being one of the great Mexican champions of the moment.

For now, the RB16B car of the Czech it is a comfortable car. The runner has already mastered it and further triumphs of his are expected. At the same time, the driver stomps another championship, that of the push of his commercial brand, which rolls fast among the favorites of Formula 1 consumers.

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