As much as Fortnite, Call of Duty, Halo, and The Last of Us are out there, arcade games are never going to go away. Since the 70s, this game modality came to enamor millions of people with its simple but addictive functions. In large part, the reason that this type of game continues after 50 years is because they have been able to reinvent themselves in their niche. Just like The Lullaby of Life, the second Mexican game in Apple Arcade.

The Lullaby of Life is a game made by the developer tapatia 1 Simple Game and its quality speaks for itself. After Jumper Jon, this game It is one of the little more than 100 games that are part of the select card that Apple Arcade offers for its players.

Check out 'The Lullaby of Life' the second Mexican game in Apple Arcade

Photo: The Lullaby of Life / Courtesy

The Lullaby of Life reinvents the arcade

The idea and concept of the game was born during the Global Game Jam in 2017. We are talking about a game of the type puzzle with adventure and exploration, in which the player becomes the “catalyst for change in an inert universe, but full of potential,” he told CNET. In simpler words, The Lullaby of Life is about a challenge and an experience at the same time.

“We loved the concept from the start as it was a very different gameplay than it had been until then and the story may have different interpretations for different people making the story more personal“Reads the press release.

Photo: The Lullaby of Life / Courtesy


Francisco Lara Sikorski, producer of the game, said that it is intended for all those who are looking for “A casual game session, challenging to have a good time, with pleasant sounds, cartoony touches and with some demand so that the players feel the challenge to overcome the levels ”. Everything and more than a good arcade game should have.

The Lullaby of Life arrives to be the first 1 Simple Game game in Arcade, but the fifth in its history. The first of them was a success of Mucho Taco from 2015 that generated 2.1 million downloads Worldwide. This game earned them direct recognition from Apple.

Photo: The Lullaby of Life / Courtesy

Getting to Apple Arcade is not just anything

Many can get to confuse being part of the App Store and being part of Apple Arcade. In the end they work the same and are part of the same company. But the difference is abysmal and the quality that separates them. Unlike the App Store, Apple Arcade works as a subscription model in which only the most exclusive games can become part of its catalog.

Check out 'The Lullaby of Life' the second Mexican game in Apple ArcadeCheck out 'The Lullaby of Life' the second Mexican game in Apple Arcade

Photo: The Lullaby of Life / Courtesy

The quality standard is higher, a game that meets certain technical aspects and visual quality is required, with better narrative, “Sikorski said in the interview. However, he also believes that creating an Arcade game is completely worth it.

Your milestone will not be taken lightly. Sikorski hopes that having a game on Apple’s prestigious platform will help give the studio more status that every day proves to be on the same level as hundreds of international studies.