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Streaming platforms became, during this complicated contingency, in an important alternative to cope with quarantine. In the same way, music has served many people as a therapy to relieve the high points of this pandemic moment. Netflix He has a notion of the above and has been in charge of bringing these two aspects of entertainment together.

Now, music lovers who also enjoy putting together marathons on said streaming service can get closer to the history of their musical idols. If you are one of those people who enjoy recapping the life and work of important figures of music, Netflix puts at your disposal the following compendium of documentaries about some of icons of the Spanish-speaking music scene.

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‘The North Tigers in Folsom Prison’

It does not matter the musical genre or the years that pass, Los Tigres del Norte are and will be remembered as one of the most important bands in Mexico. His legacy transcends and goes beyond geographical barriers in search of those Hispanics who they long for a little piece of their roots.

The legendary northern group he thus arrived at Folsom Prison, a place that has served as the stage for other iconic musicians such as Johnny cash. Precisely, the documentary that they recorded together Netflix in that jail it served to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the concert that the country-blues idol gave in 1968. The North Tigers that’s how they sang their hits and included a cover of “Folsom Prision Blues” of Cash himself.

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‘Vai Anitta’

Larissa de Macedo Machado, better known in the music industry as Anitta, is today one of the artists with the greatest projection in Brazil. At a time when the rhythms and melodies emanating from Latin America dominate the international popularity charts, the Rio de Janeiro has little by little opened a space with albums such as Bang! Kisses and will continue to do so in 2021 with the material Girl From Rio.

This story of a prodigious career that began at age 18 and his meteoric rise is captured in Vai Anitta. The documentary series of Netflix shows the process the talented singer has gone through from humble beginnings to catapult like an international star and collaborator of luminaires such as Cardi B, Iggy Azalea or Major Lazer.

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Traditional Mexican music could not be understood without mentioning the name of the Eternal Chavela Vargas. Born in Costa Rica but more mexican than anyone, the interpreter won the heart of our country for her heartbreaking melodies and impetuous rebellious personality, an aspect that is undoubtedly evidenced in her iconic phrase “Mexicans are born where we want to win”.

The biographical record of the singer, who broke the stereotype of the Mexican ranchero-style musician in his prime, can be seen in Chavela, movie that you will find in Netflix and that uncovers the moments of light and the demons of an artist who redefined Mexican music forever.

‘Chavela’ poster. Photo: Aubin Pictures

‘Nasha Natasha’

The musical voices of Latin America they make noise in all corners of the world without exception. From Uruguay to the planet, Natasha Oreiro has risen as one of the Spanish-speaking figures who takes our language to territories as far away as Russia.

In that country, the interpreter has built a good fan base whom he decided to visit for the first time in his career towards the end of 2014. Behind the scenes and all the experiences that Oreiro accumulated in that successful Russian tour are available to see on Nasha Natasha (Our Natasha), a Netflix documentary with which it is clear that Latin Americans are ready to be heard everywhere.

Poster for ‘Nasha Natasha’. Photo: OS FIlms / Inifinity Hill

‘Parcheesi: The Documentary’

At the end of the 70s, Spain witnessed the fever caused by Parcheesi, the group of children who dominated the music scene with their catchy lyrics and funny movies in later years. The Spanish-speaking music industry could not believe such a phenomenon, starring minors, I could connect with so many people.

Millions of records sold, grueling tours, seven feature films and several members parading through the lineup of the group they compose a rich history of 13 years of trajectory that you will be able to know in depth in Parchis: The Documentary, feature film that you can see on Netflix where the members of the band and the people who stayed around them offer a testimony of everything that happened until the dissolution of the project in 1992 and the change from childhood to a new stage.

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Netflix prepares ‘Rompan Todo: The History of Rock in Latin America’

Rock in Latin America has undergone an extensive evolution full of difficult moments, censorship and an eventual shelter from the public and the media. Over the decades, we have seen countless bands cement the roots of a genre, others embrace glory and a handful bordering on decadence, all in favor of giving musical identity to a sector of the public in search of musical idols through language.

The genesis of rock in this part of the American continent, as well as its contemporary life, will be the substantial element of Break Everything: The History of Rock in Latin America, a Netflix documentary directed by Picky Talarico and produced by maestro Gustavo Santaolalla (Bajofondo) that will offer an extensive and exciting record of the artists who have defined gender identity from the northern border of Mexico to the Southern Cone of the continent.

Gustavo Santaolalla with Café Tacuba on his recent MTV Unplugged. Photo: .

Get ready for an experience full of guitars, rebellion, music and incredible statements from artists from different eras such as Café Tacuba, Soda Stereo, Aterciopelados and Mon Laferte, among others that have made their melodies parade through the years. Stay tuned to the Netflix networks because they will reveal the release date of this material very soon that you can’t miss.

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