With all that is going on in the world, finding moments to relax is necessary even for mental health. There are millions of movies and series on streaming services and surely by this point in the game you will have already won several. But to change the entertainment discourse a bit, today we share a couple of very high quality musical sessions. To help us calm the anxiety of the running of the bulls, Gran Sur and Technicolor Fabrcis fanned two small sets that are worth checking out.

Gran Sur is a band that starts from the imaginary of two great well-known artists. Iñaki and Cha known for their musical projects as Phobia Y Moderatto, they imagined a project that played “bar” songs. It wasn’t until they were invited to pay tribute to Frank Sinatra that they decided to shape the project and invited Sofi Mayen to collaborate on a cover of “Something Stupid”.

A short time later they were joined by drummer Elohimn Corona, also a member of Moderatto, and they consolidated a project to honor all of Latin America. Today they have an album called Ay, Dolor, full of folk tints and a lot of freshness that they released in November of last year.

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For its part, Technicolor Fabrics, a band formed in 2007 in Guadalajara, also launched a set of four tracks to make your day a lot more relaxed. In this set, they dive into years past to give their fans two of their most beloved songs: “Globos” from their 2015 album Bahía Santiago and “Tiernos”, a single from 2017. To present material from their latest album Presente Technicolor Fabrics ventured “Levitating” and “Best”.

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These sessions, in addition to giving a lot of musical quality, explore both bands in an extremely personal way. Semi-acoustic sets are an opportunity to explore in depth or meet these Mexican bands for the first time. Here we leave their incredible sets and setlists for these sessions:


Gsouth ran

“Neither hand nor kiss”

“We will toast”

“If I see you again”

“Your God”

Techincolor Fabrics