If you are in the mood to make your eyes stand out with the application of eyelash extensions, there are a number of tips that you must follow so that they have a slightly longer life span before having to do maintenance or replace them completely.

Show a fresh and different look with your extensions and take care of them to extend their useful life.

The first thing you should know is that after applying the extensions, you should not sleep upside down, you should avoid that your newly acquired eyelashes have friction with the sheets or pillows as this could detach them.

You will have this care for the first 2 nights after applying the extensions, then you can sleep without much care.

To the remove your makeup Try to use a wipe and swabs to repair the area closest to the extensions, avoid the use of cotton as it could get tangled in the strands and damage the eyelash work.

Take some baby oil and hydrates the eyelashes to keep them moist and thus also prolong their useful life on your face.

So that they are defined and not tangled, comb extensions with a brush, thus avoiding damage and maintaining the shape of the application.

Avoid, for the sake of your natural lashes, forcibly removing the extensions when the glue has gone the extra mile. If you pull them you will be compromising your eyelashes which would be a catastrophe for the face.