Check out the ‘terrifying’ video The Smashing Pumpkins shared for “Wyttch”!

The launches on the occasion of the return of The Smashing Pumpkins don’t stop. The band is just a few days away from releasing their new record material and they have already shared some videos with which, undoubtedly, make us think of an enigmatic and mysterious album.

Billy Corgan gets his face painted quirky again in new video for “Wyttch”, new promotional single that will be included in the album Cyr that will reach the platforms and the market at the end of this month of November.

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Witches and freaks in the video for “Wyttch”

Beyond the musical work of The Smashing Pumpkins, it is not a secret that Billy Corgan likes to capture in the videos of the band a striking visual content, dazzling and, up to a point, disturbing. Without a doubt, this unique graphic element is part of the identity of the band and, over the years, it They have known how to explode in different ways.

And if the band just a couple of weeks ago showed their taste for spaghetti western themes with the clip for “Ramona”, now Chicagoans let all their imagination and gothic roots go with “Wyttch”, new promotional track of his next album Cyr.

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In the clip you can see a total parade of ‘witches’ and beings from another dimension -to put it in a way- who pose before the lens of a Billy Corgan who could well be characterized as some kind of Nosferatu. This is a true Halloween-worthy freakshow (even if the date has passed a few days ago). The audiovisual was directed by the director, singer and model Charlotte Kemp Muhl, known for her musical work alongside Sean Lennon in The Ghost of a Sabertooth Tiger.

For its part, the song adopts a style of hard riffs that resemble a metal composition and it is fair to say that the lyric could even be a pagan song thanks to the references that are made of the Samhain, a festival of Celtic origin that with the passage of time was renamed in Europe as All Saints’ Eve (Hallow’s Eve in English, which would eventually become Halloween).

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The Smashing Pumpkins preparing a new album and a sequel?

Just two years after his last album, The Smashing Pumpkins prepares the launch of his new album Cyr which will arrive on platforms and in physical format on November 27. This material will be the first that the band has released since joining the Sumerian Records label..

However, this is not the only release the band has in store. On the eve of the launch of Cyr, Billy corgan revealed that the group will release at the end of 2021 a material that will serve as a continuation of Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness.

'Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness': The Smashing Pumpkins' Most Ambitious Work'Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness': The Smashing Pumpkins' Most Ambitious Work

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“It will be something like a rock opera. We feel like this will complete the circle we started and couldn’t finish at the time. We are very excited about it, “said the vocalist through a video on YouTube in reference to this work that, apparently, will include 33 songs. That means, undoubtedly, We have The Smashing Pumpkins for a while.

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