Check out the behind-the-scenes look at Fobia’s MTV Unplugged!

Since the coronavirus became a serious health issue around the world, the music industry is facing a very interesting stage. Yes, we ran out of concerts and live festivals, but still many artists and bands did not stop during these months of confinement, on the contrary, some took advantage of the time to record new songs and others to prepare extremely special projects, such as the case of Fobia.

At the beginning of September, Leonardo de Lozanne, Cha !, Jay de la Cueva, Paco Huidobro and Iñaki Vázquez announced with great fanfare that, after more than 30 years of careers, they would finally record their first MTV Unplugged. Of course, this news completely moved the fans of the band and those who like Mexican rock in general, since it was clear that they had more than deserved to be in these sessions.

They had already been late!  Fobia announces its first MTV 'Unplugged'They had already been late!  Fobia announces its first MTV 'Unplugged'

Members of Fobia / Photo: MTV

Phobia surprises us with his MTV Unplugged

However, and in a year as unusual as the one we live in, Phobia continued with her plans and had to adjust to the new normal. Perhaps most important of all and for obvious reasons was that they couldn’t film their ‘unplugged’ in front of the public as is usually done, although this of course did not stop them; Unlike Well, in October they played the acoustic versions of their songs at the Frontón in Mexico City.

In total fThere were 13 songs that sounded that day, giving a huge tour of his discography, from his self-titled debut album to Destruye Hogares, his most recent record material. One of the characteristics of Unplugged –Although it is not necessary to comply with it– is that many bands take the opportunity to invite a lot of musicians to accompany them on stage, and of course this time was no exception.

Phobia premieres "Nightmare", the first preview of his long-awaited MTV Unplugged!Phobia premieres

Photo: Screenshot

An atypical concert with no shortage of special guests

In this very special concert, Fobia was joined by artists such as Kevon Bradford, Sebastián Farrugia, Matias Majewski, Pipe Ceballos (Zoé) and Eric Deutsch (Dixie Chicks pianist), and American guitarist Joe gore, who became – given the strange circumstances that we are going through – into the first musician to participate in an MTV Unplugged playing remotely from San Francisco, California.

To get a little excited, the band gave us the first preview of this long-awaited ‘unplugged’ with “Nightmare”. That unlike the original version, here the instrumentation they planned for the show shines completely, from the notes that Jay threw on the piano, the precise bass line of Cha !, the playful synthesizer that Iñaki plays, as well as the chords of Paco and not to mention the impeccable voice of Leonardo.

Check out the behind-the-scenes look at Fobia's MTV Unplugged!Check out the behind-the-scenes look at Fobia's MTV Unplugged!

Photo: Toni François

With this special ‘unplugged’, where they experimented with other kinds of instruments and in an extremely rare 2020 like the one we had to go through, the band celebrates 33 years of experience and celebrate what they are, a group that always came forward with their songs and ideas despite such adverse circumstances. Without a doubt, this is one of those pleasant surprises that we did not expect, but that we are extremely happy and excited.

Fobia’s MTV Unplugged will premiere on December 17 at 10 pm on MTV. But while we wait for that day Check out exclusively behind the scenes of the recording of this great concert in a 360 video:

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