Bandai Namco earlier today revealed the release date of Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions. However, this was not the only thing the Japanese company announced, because unveiled a couple of collectible editions that every Super Champion fan should get.

To start, you can pre-order the game and get a series of special uniforms and balls for different teams. These are: Open Sky Uniform, Hawk Uniform Set, All-Japan Junior Youth Uniform, Meiwa FC Uniform, Shutetsu Uniform and Tsubasa’s Challenge Ball to Wakabayashi.


The second purchase option is the Deluxe Edition, which offers a physical copy of the game, Deluxe Edition Bonus (V-Jump Collaboration Uniform Set), character pass (nine players as part of the downloadable content), and a bonus of the season pass (new champion uniform set).


But that’s not all, as a Collector’s Edition, which includes the game, a steelbook, collectible laminated cards, the character pass with nine characters in DLC, a figure of Oliver Atom of 28 cm, among other extras.


Next on the list is the e-Commerce Edition, which includes a collector’s edition box, an art book, a Season Pass for nine characters, a T-shirt of the Selection of Japan with the number of Tsubasa, several trading cards, a steelbook and a pair of emblems, in addition to the video game in its deluxe format.


Then join the Champions Edition, which offers you a physical copy of the game, bonus deluxe edition (V-Jump collaboration uniform set), character pass (nine players downloadable content), bonus season pass ( new champions uniform set), steelbook, a 28cm Oliver Atom figure, soccer jersey, collectible cards rainbow lamination (Tsubas, Mitsugi, Matsuyama and Hyuga), as well as embroidered insignia.

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Now for true fans, the Legends Edition includes everything from the Champions Edition plus a premium Captain Tsubasa soccer table by René Pierre, a French manufacturer of soccer tables. This edition is quite expensive as it will be priced at £ 1800.


It is important to mention that just pre-order editing and Collector’s Edition have been confirmed for America. At the moment it is unknown if the Deluxe Edition, e-Commerce Edition, Champions Editions and Legends Edition will arrive in our region or will be exclusive to Europe.

Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions is coming to PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC on August 28, 2020. You can check out the latest trailer for the game here. Likewise, the title will have the “New Hero” mode, where you can create your own character.


Via: Bandai Namco