Check out AC / DC’s new video for ‘Realize’

Photo: The members of AC / DC in the video clip of ‘Realize’ / Captura / YouTube

AC DC has shared an innovative new video for his single, ‘Realize’, which is part of his most recent album, ‘Power Up’.

After the return of Brian Johnson, Angus Young and company with their latest album, ‘Power Up’, AC / DC has decided to share a unique video recorded remotely during the pandemic by the coronavirus.

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The filmmakers, Clemens habicht and Josh cheuse, who are also the creative directors of the band, made a montage in which the five members of the band appear performing the single in the same room, despite the fact that each of them filmed their part separately in five different locations due to restrictions caused by the covid-19.

Habicht was in charge of the idea in which the members of AC DC they appear in a black and white video that makes it appear as if they were recorded in the same space and at the same time.

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The new video of ‘Realize’, follow from clips recently released by the band of songs, ‘Demon Fire’ and ‘Shot In The Dark’.