check if your account is affected

Facebook has suffered one of the largest massive data breaches in its history. 530 million accounts have been exposed on the network and include all kinds of data.

Of the more than 500 million affected users, there are 10 million in Spain and 13 million in Mexico, and the types of data exposed include full names, dates of birth and locations. Also for some accounts the associated telephone number and e-mails.

These last two data are of vital importance for our online identity, so maintaining the safeguard of both is of vital importance. We can do little against the leakage of Facebook data, but we can guarantee that this data They will not be used to give others access to our other accounts.

And is that most users usually use the same email for all social networks and Internet records. Knowing, therefore, if our address and account are included in the great Facebook leak is the first step to ensure our online identity.

How to check if your account has been affected by Facebook data breach

Thanks to the fact that the Facebook data leak has already been published on the network, we can buy if our account is affected. How? Very simple, you just have to enter Have i been pwned? and enter your email address. The site will contract your data with those of the Facebook data leakage base and It will check if you have been a victim. Of course, keep in mind that your account may have been leaked but not your email, and the web only analyzes emails.

In addition, the site will also check if your account has been immersed in any other data breach in the past. Also, if you want to avoid these scares, we recommend that you make use of password management tools.

1Password is the best service for this purpose. It allows you to save all passwords, create new very secure passwords and synchronize them between all devices. It also includes a system that monitors your accounts to notify you if you have been the victim of a leak and suggests changing your password. It also supports 2FA services.

Regardless of whether your account has been affected, our recommendation is that change the password as soon as possible. And also do it on all the websites and services in which you have registered with the same account or password. In that sense, 1Password makes it quite easy for you.

In addition, we recommend the use of email aliases to avoid these situations, if you are one of those who uses the same address to register on all sites.