cheap, with potential and dividend yield

Five cheap Ibex 35 shares, with potential and dividend yield

But beyond the indices and the macroeconomic noise, which never ceases when one invests, there are values ​​in the Ibex 35 that stand out for their fundamental ratios and for the target price estimated by the consensus of analysts. Cheap securities, which offer a dividend return and also potential for upward revaluation in the stock market. Actions designed to be held in the portfolio for a time, with a medium-term vision not so much for trading.

If we select the shares with the greatest potential from the Ibex 35 and we are left only with those that trade at low prices compared to their profits (PER ratio) in relation to their sector and those that offer a higher dividend yield, these five stand out: Endesa, Grifols , ACS, Telefónica and Repsol.

Some securities such as Solaria are excluded from the list, for which the consensus of analysts collected by Reuters gives an upward potential of up to 45% to 22.1 euros per share, since it trades with demanding valuations such as 61.4 times PER and also does not distribute dividends. The same happens with the shares of PharmaMar, which have a potential of 31.5%, or Cellnex, which also see increases of 26.6%, although they barely have a return via dividends and are also listed at high prices compared to its benefits.

Endesa has a potential of 19.7% at twelve months ahead, offers a 9% dividend yield and is listed at a PER of 13.17 times. In the case of Grifols, the upside potential of its shares is 18.5%, it trades with a PER of 7.67 times and a dividend yield of 3.8%. ACS, for its part, is not far behind either, since the consensus of analysts collected by Reuters gives it a possible 18.2% run in the stock market to 32.4 euros per share, all with a PER of 11, 74 times and a dividend return of 6.8%.

Telefónica and Repsol, two great acquaintances of the Ibex 35, are included in this list on their own merits, since they trade with attractive ratios on paper. The oil company is also the company among the five mentioned that more appreciation so far this year in the stock market by accumulating a rise of 29.77%. Telefónica rises 21.5%, while the shares of ACS, Endesa and Grifols are practically flat this 2021.

The telecommunications operator directed by José María Álvarez-Pallete has a potential on the stock market of 16.4%, according to the consensus of analysts collected by Reuters. It is trading at a PER of 8 times and its dividend, despite having cut it, still offers a return of 7.4%. Repsol, for its part, has a potential of 8.6% with a dividend yield of 5.4% and trades at a PER of 10.7 times.

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