Now is the best opportunity of the year to buy an action camera, and this 47% discount is the best proof of this, as it shows that, at the time when you can least use it, because of quarantine, it is when it is cheapest. More or less like when in summer you want to buy winter clothes and you find it cheaper.

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This action camera that we are going to show you today is the Victure AC800, and we are going to tell you the reasons why you should get it, beyond this 47% discount which makes it very attractive, let’s have a look at it!

Victure AC800, the cheap sports camera you should buy

Action cameras are cameras capable of recording video and taking pictures on times when taking out the phone or the camera is not an option, like when we ride a bicycle or do any other sport, and even when we are underwater thanks to a protective cover.

This cheap action cam from Victure is capable of recording a 4K resolution at 30 frames per second, although you can also lower the resolution to Full HD, while the photos taken by this action cam are from 20 megapixels. This content that we created with the Victure action camera will be saved on the microSD card that you can insert. This would be the typical way to get the content to pass it to another device, but this camera has Wi-Fi connectivity, and is compatible with applications that allow you to get everything you have recorded without the need for a single cable.

The Victure AC800 has a two-inch screen where you can see what you’re recording, And it allows you to see how the final result looks, since you can adjust the angle to maximize the views and make the angle of view a little larger. Although it must be said that the camera is capable of doing a large number of things, such as timelapse, continuous shooting, with timer, x4 zoom or even night mode.

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This camera comes with 15 accessories included, among which is an aquatic cover that will allow you to submerge it up to 40 meters, and that will make it splash resistant, so you can take it to the beach or pool without any problem, in addition to the other accessories that will make it possible to attach this camera to your bicycle, your helmet and many more places to get it to go with you anywhere without having to hold it.

Finally, it should be said that this cheap action camera has 2 1,050 mah batteries that you can charge at the same time so as not to depend on a single battery and to be able to use one while you charge the other. And, as we have told you, for the price at which it has stayed on Amazon, it is the best you can buy right now.

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