Chayanne’s “Secret” For a perfect dance at your shows!

Chayanne’s “Secret” For a perfect dance at your shows! | AP

The singer Of Puerto Rican origin, Chayanne shared a video through his Instagram account some time ago, in which he could reveal the secret that his presentations are a success, surely some of his followers and admirers will probably agree with it.

Thanks to his charisma with the public, it is one of the reasons why he is so loved by his admirers, the singer and celebrity of the pop music.

The singer’s presentations are always impressive despite the fact that he has not added new content for a long time, he always manages to captivate his followers thanks to his performances and especially his dances that different generations have liked so much.

For years Elmer Figueroa Arce full name of the interpreter of “Waltz time“, Chayanne, who thanks to his mother has this nickname, has established himself as one of the most famous and beloved artists of all time.

When Chayanne Baila manages that his admirers focus only on him, despite the fact that in each of his shows he appears with several dancers who always accompany him, something curious that perhaps not many people did not know is that the singer does not like to dance and that also He is not considered to be a good dancer, which is why it is hard to believe what he says.

It was on August 28, 2018 that he shared a video on his official Instagram account where he appears showing what for many would be the secret that his dance steps are perfect, and Chayanne practices daily, precisely because according to his statements he is not that good at dancing so he has to practice a little more than necessary.

With more than half a million red hearts and almost two thousand comments, Chayanne continues to surprise his audience and the Internet users who have seen him, especially because he strives to make sure everything goes perfectly, always to give the best to the attendees of his concerts.

In the video he appears wearing his figure, which despite being 52 years old looks pretty good, Chayanne is wearing a black shirt and shorts, apparently he likes this color a lot because we have continuously seen him in his publications wearing dark clothes.

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The singer is in what seems to be his private gym, you can see some weights and equipment as well as some balls with which his wife could do some Pilates, Chayanne is in front of the mirror practicing some steps of one of his choreographies.

The choreography he was practicing was for the concerts he would present in “From the soul tour 2018”, at that time he would have a presentation in Laredo, Texas, United States and later he would have to travel to Colombia.

One of his fans wrote him that despite the years that passed, his physique remained firm, he also mentioned that he had a very good vibrational frequency, to finish his comments I wish his family blessings and good health.

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You are a charming man, “wrote one of his fans.

Whenever Chayanne has the opportunity to meet his fans or greet them, he does so with all possible pleasure since it is thanks to them that his career has been so successful, although it is a combination in the first place due to his great talent and dedication.

The discipline that Chayanne has could be a source of inspiration for other personalities of the show, after 43 years of career the singer knows very well that the humility that has always accompanied him in his life and his career is the secret to maintaining an active professional life and worthy of so much love.