Chayanne the lost father of all Mexico and his best memes | .

The Puerto Rican singer Chayanne is loved not only for this but also because the public (especially the female one) affirms that he is her dad for this father’s day, that’s why this day is also celebrated and they do it in the best way with memes.

Known for his songs and his ease of dancingThroughout his career, the singer has stolen the hearts of thousands of women of any age.

Currently has 51 years old reason why it could be the father of many young women since their mothers still live in love with the interpreter of « Waltz Time ».

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Throughout the day we have appreciated beautiful photographs and videos celebrating father’s day, heartwarming images reminiscent of our first hero.

However we have also seen many memes in relation to this day among them there are many dedicated to the handsome singer among them we find one of the best known where they affirm that despite having been an absent father they still love him with dedication for Chayanne.

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« Happy Father’s Day to Chayanne aka the dad of all Latin America, » shared a netizen on Twitter, @foolishcriss.

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The singer has always been very discreet in a matter of his family, since for him it is a sacred temple that he prefers to keep private, for which very few family photographs are known, however thanks to his charm and talent his family grew considerably in everything Mexico.

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And it is that others who would not like to have Chayanne as a father is something almost inevitable, that perhaps the interpreter of « Salome » it makes you laugh.

Surely if you saw the world of meme and greetings that are being sent to you in social networks with all the pleasure in the world he would respond to his thousands of false children with all the love in the world, just as he has done in past years.

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