Chavista Parliament will ask Spain to investigate Leopoldo López


Jorge Rodríguez, president of the Chavista Parliament, reported this Saturday that he will ask the courts of Spain investigate the opposition leader Leopoldo López to determine where you obtain financial resources to pay for your stay in the city of Madrid.

“We will send a communication to the courts in Spain because Mr. Leopoldo López lives there, in a residence of $ 12,000 per month. Do not come to me with the story that you have silver for a crib. That he is rich does not exempt him from being a thief ”, he accused.

The Chavista official also presumed that López, who holds the position of commissioner of the Government Center of the interim presidency of Juan Guaidó, has encrypted accounts in Singapore, in addition to Panama, Switzerland and Luxembourg.

“It is necessary to investigate whether the money that he or his father, who is a member of the European Parliament, has deposited, comes from what has been stolen from the assets of Venezuela in the Caribbean or doing business with Petro Paraguay, Citgo, Crystallex, the Bank of England or the deposits that Venezuela has in foreign accounts ”, he said.

Rodríguez offered a press conference from the gardens of the Federal Legislative Palace in which he denounced an alleged gigantic network of corruption led by Guaidó and in which López, Carlos Vecchio, Miguel Pizarro and Julio Borges would also be involved.