Charros de Jalisco and the end of an era, changes are coming

Jesus Hernandez Tellez

Guadalajara / 02.18.2021 16:33:55

Los Charros de Jalisco are in full sports and managerial restructuringSince Salvador Quirarte was removed from the play, from the sports management office of the ninth Guadalajara, there have been drastic, dramatic changes, at a stroke players like Figueroa can go, who is no longer there, but the clean could take away the Murillo Wall, captain Manny Rodríguez and even Amadeo Zazueta, as confirmed by Ray Padilla, sports manager of the Charros organization.

« It is not to rejuvenate the squad, what is sought is to strengthen. We are about to close two starters in the next few days, and all the players can be changed, but as long as they benefit the organization ”.

Are we talking about the end of the cycle? The leader was asked.

“Yes, it could be the end of the cycle, because for example in third we have Villanueva and Murillo and both could play in that position, in second we have Misael Rivera who could play instead of Manny or Amadeo, who are great players. , but as I said if it is necessary to make changes for positions that we need, then we would be getting rid of them ”, said Padilla.

At the same time, the manager of the Charros welcomed the new players of the Zapopana flannel, Cuban Félix Pérez, outfielder JJ Aguilar and pitcher Freddy Quintero, who say they are ready and with high expectations of their debut in the Mexican Pacific League.

Pérez pointed out that he is a man of challenges and that in this new team he is coming for the title.

“It is wonderful to come to play Charros, the news has fallen on me wonderfully, I want things to turn out for me, and I want to support the team to win and I know there is no small rival, we have to do our best to bring joy to our people and our city, who expect good things from us, « said the islander remotely.