Charms up close, Celia Lora shares MTV recording set

Charms up close, Celia Lora shares MTV recording set (INSTAGRAM)

Charms up close, Celia Lora shares MTV recording set | INSTAGRAM

The beautiful Mexican model Celia Lora loves to take us everywhere on her cell phone, taking it out to record stories and thus show us a little more what she does even when she is working like this time.

That’s right, the influences also brought us a recording set of the new program from MTV, Acapulco Shock where they will be reacting to the episodes of the new season of Acapulco shore and all the gossip related to the new Reality show.

The studio looks very professional and full of lights, something very attractive to the view of all those viewers who manage to enjoy that content in the famous canal, where of course we can also enjoy the personality of Celia Lora and her reality companions who accompany her to react with everything that happened that is being published week after week.

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In the video, the beautiful daughter of Alex Lora did not get a little closer to her charms, she held her cell phone with her hands in selfie mode and also showed us the partner with whom she would be sharing this chapter of the program, which said the best attending to record is that you can see Celia, the two expressed themselves before the comment with tenderness and affection.

In the same way, true fans of the Mexican woman felt a lot of joy and affection to see how she shows us behind the scenes of her work, always thinking of us and looking to entertain ourselves, expand her world a little so that we can take a look at what it does for all Internet users and viewers.

Of course, the stories in which companies that after the world situation had to adapt and find a way to move forward making home deliveries and taking their products to the door of your house, just like the door, could not be absent either. of the young woman who you share first-hand experience.

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Of course, they also give a small explanation of how their service works and invite you to enjoy it so that you can try as much of their products as you can, you can even give them a gift from one of your friends or family.

There is no doubt that Celia Lora has known how to take advantage of her popularity and attention in social networks, becoming a person who helps local businesses in CDMX to grow to be recognized and to make their way before their audience.

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