Charms on camera, Celia Lora from Maldives cheers up fans

Charms on camera, Celia Lora from Maldives cheers fans (INSTAGRAM)

Charms on camera, Celia Lora from Maldives cheers up fans | INSTAGRAM

Right now the pretty mexican model, Celia Lora, is enjoying her first trip of the year and one of the best I have made since she visited the luxurious destination of The maldives a site full of both natural and man-made riches.

On this occasion we will address one of the videos that he recorded while staying in the beautiful hotel where he spent excellent moments in the pool and on the beach, this time approaching her charms to the camera in order to pamper and surprise his followers on social networks.

Since she arrived in that country, Celia Lora has been in constant capture of Her beauty from different angles and in the different places he has visited, always looking to have his Latin American fans very well pampered and with many pieces of entertainment to spend time with his company.

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There is no doubt that the scope of the daughter of Alex Lora, lead singer of the legendary Mexican rock band The Tri It grows more and more and has become one of the most important models and influencers in her country and creator of entertainment pieces.

Despite being on vacation, he has also continued to upload some stories in which he promotes the activities he has programmed, such as a new video with Lizbeth Rodríguez in which they appear practicing pole dance.

The new MTV Acaplay program was also announced, in which we will be able to enjoy a new account of the Acapulco Shore episodes but with extra content, so we recommend that you be on the lookout in case you want to enjoy it, only on MTV.

It is also important to remember that thanks to MTV Celia Lora practiced being a host of her own program “El Consultorio del Amor con Celia Lora” so she discovered her great talent and decided to take advantage of it by opening her own YouTube channel where she has been uploading videos on every occasion that he has the opportunity and always entertaining the Internet users.


Being a celebrity could be so beneficial but at the same time tiring, so they tend to take advantage, like in this case Celi Lora, to enjoy a heavenly place and relax a bit, while promoting the place as in their case. Demi Rose and other Instagram personalities have done it.

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The charms of Celia Lora are the favorites of many Internet users who have been aware of her journey and have been able to see in her stories and funny verses moments that she has spent in that place where she is a little far from her hometown but always aware of his Instagram so as not to leave us alone for a single day.

Celia Lora will surely continue to give us what to talk about and especially new beautiful images of her journey through the Maldives as well as the other places that she is visiting near that place because in fact we could see her riding on camels but without knowing exactly where. This place is going so that soon maybe he will tell us about it.

We recommend that you continue to watch the show so as not to miss any of Celia Lora’s news as well as the attractive and beautiful photographs that she has prepared for all of us and also the interesting stories that we will surely be rescuing for you, so that they do not disappear at 24 hours.