Charms of blue! Demi Rose shows off in a swimsuit

Charms of blue! Demi Rose shows off in a swimsuit | Instagram

The british model Demi Rose surprised her followers again while wearing a flirty swimsuit In blue with some transparencies, it could be said that it is one of the videos with which its fans will most sigh today.

Being one of the most acclaimed celebrities on Instagram, any type of content that he shares immediately begins to become popular, like this video, although he published it through his stories, we do not doubt that it has been liked by his fans.

Demi Rose He has more than 17 million followers on Instagram, so each of his photos or videos tend to have more than a hundred thousand red hearts in his feed.

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It seems that the model born in the United Kingdom He shared two videos in his stories, but in one of them his charms shone even more, in the second he decided to throw a flirtatious kiss for his fans.

She was wearing a two-piece swimsuit, in a dark blue tone, the straps are transparent, they come out from the bottom of her swimsuit, from the top, as they go up they become narrower, below it seems to be wearing the same type of garments but with fine details of lace.


From what can be distinguished in the first video, he is on a small balcony of a hotel, at the bottom of the images you can see a bit of the beach, he was surely getting ready to enjoy the sea or perhaps the pool, since it is one of the places where we have seen it the most.

On this occasion, this beautiful woman of Colombian descent was showing off her hair tied up with some strands sticking out of her beautiful and angelic face.

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Rose decided to keep a minimum number of publications on her official Instagram account, she currently has 480 as did the disappeared Joselyn Cano who lost her life in December of last year, surely this is done with the aim of keeping her followers attentive about every new post you make.

Every time Mawby publishes something new, she immediately begins to have a reaction from Internet users, because every day she is overcome more because showing off her exquisite figure has become like a kind of sport for her of which her fans are delighted .

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